Making Customer Service Happen

Discover the personal and professional
benefits of customer service
in this practical and concise guidebook

What do you think about when you hear the words ‘customer service’? Perhaps you picture a smiling face behind a counter or an operator taking an order on the phone. If this is your image of service then you are right, but you are also wrong. These are all examples of customer interactions, which is only a small part of customer service. True customer service begins before the customer approaches your business and persists after they leave - get it right and the effect on your bottom line can be amazing.

making customer service happen shows you how to operate your business so that you can deliver what your customers want while spending less and boosting profits. Find out how to conduct powerful research so you can focus your activities, how to pick the right level of service so that you spend exactly the right amount, how to select and manage your people so that they meet your customers’ needs, how to create service processes that deliver results, and how to measure performance so that you achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

making customer service happen gives you the tools, techniques, checklists, examples and ideas you need to truly make customer service happen.

making it happen books provide you with the inspiration, ideas and tools to generate positive change. The books in this series are written with a practical focus so that you can learn about the theory, advantages and pitfalls of the subject matter in order to create an action plan that is right for your workplace.

‘A comprehensive book that gives the reader good hands-on examples, tools, tips and practical user-friendly worksheets. Follow the advice provided and you will quickly become more customer focused.’ James McAuley, Executive Officer, Customer Service Institute of Australia.