Making Strategic Planning Happen

Learn how to develop and implement a
professional strategic plan
in this practical and concise guidebook

Do you need to take control of your future? Do you need to make sure that you focus your people and resources on the markets and opportunities that will give you the greatest return for the least effort? Do you need a roadmap to guide your business to greater prosperity and increased success? If these are your challenges, this book is for you.

making strategic planning happen provides practical and straightforward tools and techniques to show you how to analyse your business in a way that makes the real drivers of future success clear. Neville Lake arms you with unique approaches that make weighty decisions remarkably easy. making strategic planning happen contains 17 key analysis tools and a step-by-step guide through two strategic planning workshops - and all you need to know to develop a really professional strategic plan.

making it happen books provide you with the inspiration, ideas and tools to generate positive change. The books in this series are written with a practical focus so that you can learn about the theory, advantages and pitfalls of the subject matter in order to create an action plan that is right for your workplace.

“Amazingly readable, brilliantly practical. This is the guide to straightforward strategic planning.” Geof Johns, Principal, Future Scenario Planning

“A practical and accessible approach to strategic planning that has its feet on the ground - and it works!” David Robinson, Managing Director, Bishop Manufacturing Technology