The Strategic Planning Workbook

At last, a truly practical guide that gives you everything you need to develop and implement your strategic plan. The second edition (published 2006) is fully revised and upgraded:

  • 2 strategic workshop formats (with an explanation of how to use all the key techniques and sample agendas)
  • 8 straightforward steps to follow (that take you from initial data gathering to full implementation)
  • 8 proven decision-making techniques (described in a way that makes them applicable to any organisation)
  • 8 critical implementation approaches (so that you can translate talk into actions
  • 12 key strategic questions (so you cover all the areas)
  • 18 practical information-gathering tools (so you gather all the information you need for sound decision making)

The Strategic Planning Workbook takes you step by step through the strategic planning process. It provides you with all the concepts you need to perform the thinking, all the tools you require to gather the necessary information, all the techniques you need to make the right decisions and all the frameworks to translate your conclusions into practical action plans. When you have completed the exercises, data gathering, analysis, workshops and the implementation plan, you will have a map to your best possible future.

In a clear, pragmatic style, Neville Lake draws on a mixture of his own diagnostic tools, analytical techniques and decision-making processes, along with many strategic planning standards and favourites. Whether you are a manager in a large organisation with responsibility for revitalising your division or an owner / manager of a small business looking to take your business to a new level, The Strategic Planning Workbook will become your indispensable guide and reference tool. With it you will get the job done.

On the accompanying CD ROM there is a 40-minute video presentation by the author that takes you through the eight decision-making techniques as they are used in a strategic planning session.