The Third Principle

Most businesses have their foundations in just two organising principles - efficiency and effectiveness. These two principles alone are insufficient for businesses to be successful in the future. To achieve greater prosperity businesses need to use a third organising principle - optimisation.

It is possible to be efficient and effective and still be sub-optimised.

Most businesses are.

This book shows you that as much as 20% is available and attainable but is typically not achieved - even in leading businesses. This missing 20% is trapped in processes that don't work, withheld by people who are not encouraged to do their best, dissipated in weak links with customers and squandered by chasing the wrong measures.

You can identify and unlock the hidden 20%. This book shows you how.

The Third Principle provides illustrative stories, models and examples from businesses including Coca-Cola, ICI, London Underground, NCR and the Ritz-Carlton. The book's diagnostics show you where value is imprisoned and its fresh ideas and straightforward techniques reveal how you can release the potential in your business.

The Third Principle gives you the information, inspiration and ideas to achieve outstanding results.

“This book is a great read. It is interesting, informative and it provides some excellent models, tools, examples and advice that shows managers how to build on the value in their business. I recommend it to managers and students of management.”
Dr Robin Kramar, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University

“Neville Lake makes the getting of wisdom easy - a well structured, comprehensive guide, skilfully written. This book should be read and re-read and kept in the top drawer to be referred to often.”
Charles Blunt, National Director, The American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

“Years of experience and insight are condensed in the pages of this book. It is easy to read and provides useful and practical strategies for business optimisation based on real life situations.”
Christine Hayward, Divisional Director, Macquarie Bank Limited