Not everyone is cut out to be a strategic consultant.

You need a sound grounding in strategic principles, an insightful understanding about what is possible for organisations, experience across a number of different circumstances, situations and industries, the ability to synthesise complex material and the skills to tease out the best possible decisions from an executive team.

Neville Lake has those qualities and attributes. The author of six management books, including a best seller on strategy, and a consultant with over 20 years experience with over 150 clients, Neville can help you to put together a plan that will take your organisation to another level of performance.

Neville can work with you to go through all the steps described on this website that will deliver a full (and great) plan.

Alternatively, Neville can become involved at those key moments when critical decisions are being made and where his knowledge, skills and experience can have their greatest impact.

In particular Neville specialises in facilitating strategic retreats/ off-sites. He makes sure these are powerful, challenging, action-oriented and fun.

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