Keynote Speaking

In an hour you can change someone’s life forever.

A well crafted speech can open peoples' eyes - open their minds - to possibilities that they had not seen before. It can inspire them to reach further than ever before, it can give them the confidence to try what they had only imagined was impossible.

You need two ingredients - great content and the psychological connection.

Great Content

Great content has to have three elements - the ‘wow factor’, relevance, and direction.

Wow Factor
The ‘wow factor’ comes from having powerful stories, shining metaphors, jokes that create a permanent connection to the key themes, and examples that touch people at a fundamental level.
Neville has visited over 120 world best organisations, he has met with the founders and leaders of some of the world's most interesting businesses, he is the author of international business books. He knows how to extract the principles that enable audiences to translate great ideas and approaches to their own situations. Neville has the ‘wow factor’ by the bucket load.

Every audience is different. A speech that stunned a conference of engineers will fall flat at an internal sales convention. A great speech is built so that it connects with each and every person. It tunes into their concerns and hopes, it touches their dreams and fears. That is not easy, and it is only achieved through careful research and preparation.
Neville takes the time to research your audience, through in-depth profiling, and even contacting a cross-section of attendees (with your approval) to fully understand their world and their needs.

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. For key messages to stick, people need to start put new ideas into practice. Direction is about giving people something concrete to do that will put them on the path towards acting differently, thinking differently and being different.
All Neville’s speeches help people to identify ‘instant changes’ that they can begin immediately, and which put them on the path to gaining positive outcomes. Once people start to behave in a new way and get positive outcomes then they are likely to continue. Action fuels lasting change.



Psychological Connection

Some speakers think that stagecraft and ‘theatre’ are the backbone of a good speech - but this misses the point. All these tricks can result in an entertaining ‘show’, but a show is not necessarily a connection.

Don’t get me wrong, Neville loves stagecraft. He will jump into the audience, or float a giant space craft, or act out a part along with the best of them. The difference is that this is done for the audience’s benefit, not his.

For the content to work the audience has to like, respect, trust and be entertained by the speaker. They have to make this connection quickly, or they will not be ready to accept the messages contained in the speech.

Different audiences require different strategies to achieve this connection, and because Neville is both a Registered Psychologist and a strategic and business consultant he is uniquely placed to use the right strategy to forge an immediate and lasting connection with the audience.