Strategic Retreats

So, you are going to take a group of people away for a couple of days to try to work out how to get the best out of the next few years. What will happen if your next retreat delivered the maximum possible benefit to your organisation? How much more could your business make? How much lost opportunity/waste could you recover?

The chances are that your organisation has the potential to achieve more. A lot more.

You probably hope that all the participants at the retreat will think together and come up with something challenging and exciting and which will position your business for even greater success.

You probably hope that you use tools and techniques that surface the really important issues, and then find ways to push over the obstacles and reach out for the success that you know is there.

You probably hope that the retreat will not be dominated by the loudest and most dominant people and that the quieter ones with the great ideas get the chance to have their say.

The strategic retreat is the most exciting, most challenging and most critical part of the strategic planning process. This is the third step in the strategic planning process and the articles you will find here are as follows:

Do You Need a Strategic Retreat
Not Another Strategic Retreat
8 Tools For a Strategic Retreat

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